Health Services



Medicaid Primer: The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has issued this six-page primer on Medicaid. It encapsulates key facts on enrollment, spending and eligibility.


Medicaid Pays for Nearly Half of U.S Births: A study released by George Washington University and the March of Dimes estimated that in 2010 about 45% of U.S. births were paid by Medicaid. The study contains state-by-state charts and a U.S. map displaying figures for each state. Previous research estimated that about 40% of the nearly 4 million annual births were paid by Medicaid.


Medicaid for Foster Youth Up to Age 26: SPARC has released a tool kit and other briefing materials explaining the ACA provision extending Medicaid to foster youth up to the age of 26.


Meeting Mental Health Needs Through Medicaid: The federal agencies funding Medicaid and mental health services issued a joint Informational Bulletin intended to assist states to design a benefit that will meet the needs of children, youth, and young adults with significant mental health conditions. The 11-page document outlines a number of initiatives within states that are not only clinically-effective but cost-effective too.  


Expedited Medicaid Enrollment: Medicaid presumptive eligibility is used in 33 states to allow community health centers, hospitals, and schools to temporarily enroll children and pregnant women in Medicaid based on household income alone. Under the Affordable Care Act, many of those states can now extend expedited Medicaid enrollment to all adults with incomes below 138 percent of federal poverty level. Click here to read the 5-page brief from Health Affairs.



Affordable Care Act


ACA Repeal: NACHSA has prepared a point in time update on the ACA repeal process.


ACA and Jail Populations: Community Oriented Correctional Health Services (COCHS) has produced a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document addressing many of the issues being raised on how the ACA may affect coverage of persons involved in the justice system.


ACA Coverage of Former Foster Youth: CMS recently circulated an FAQ on Medicaid and CHIP, including coverage under the ACA of former foster youth up to age 26, among other issues. This  four page brief from First Focus summarizes what it covers and outstanding implementation issues.


HHS Guidance on Former Foster Youth & the ACA: CMS has issued this ten-page Q&A covering a number of issues for new populations covered by the Affordable Care. Guidance on providing Medicaid coverage to former foster youth up to age 26 may be found beginning on page 3.


ACA Coverage of Former Foster Youth: The State Advocacy and Policy Reform Center (SPARC) has issued a brief entitled, The Affordable Care Act and Youth Aging Out of Foster Care: New Opportunities and Strategies for Action. Effective January 1, 2014 the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires states to provide Medicaid coverage for individuals under age 26 who were in foster care at age 18 and receiving Medicaid. This brief looks at steps states can take to make sure that former foster youth are getting the coverage they are entitled to under the ACA. These include proactive measures such as automatic enrollment for those foster youth aging out, designing Medicaid benefits that respond to the health needs of this population, ensuring former foster youth who aged out of care in other states can cross state lines without becoming uninsured, and exploring strategies to make sure that former foster youth who enter guardianships are also covered.


Toolkit for Former Foster Youth and ACA Coverage: Youth formerly in foster care are eligible for health care coverage through Medicaid until age 26, regardless of income, due to a provision in the Affordable Care Act. The Former Foster Care Youth and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Toolkit, developed by the Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy, presents an array of resources for service providers that describes the new health-care provision. Links to videos, PowerPoint presentations, factsheets, and webinars are available.