Officers and Board of Directors

Officers/Executive Committee



Cathy Senderling-McDonald

Deputy Executive Director

County Welfare Directors Association of California

Sacramento, California


Vice President

Claudia Tuck

Director, Human Services

Alachua County, Florida  



Dan Makelky

Director, Human Services

Douglas County, Colorado



Matthew Kurtz

Director, Job and Family Services

Knox County, Ohio


Executive Officer and NACo Board of Directors Representative 

J. Glenn Osborne

Director, Social Services

Wilson County, North Carolina

NACHSA Board of Directors

Debbie-Ann Anderson

Director, Human Services

Union County, New Jersey

Debra Baetz

Director, Social Services

Orange County, California

Sundie Brown

Director, Job and Family Services

Morrow County, Ohio

Paul Fleissner

Director, Community Services

Olmsted County, Minnesota


Brenda Jackson

Director, Social Services

Cumberland County, North Carolina

Julie Krow

Executive Director, Human Services

El Paso County, Colorado

Antonia Pedroza

Deputy Director, Social Services

Wake County, North Carolina

Sarah Petersen

Director, Welfare

Coddington County, South Dakota

Joel Potts

Executive Director

Ohio Job & Family Services Directors' Assn.

Columbus, Ohio




Sharnese Ransome

Executive Director

North Carolina Assn. of County Directors of Social Services

Raleigh, North Carolina

Cheryl Ternes

Director, Human Services

Arapahoe County, Colorado

David Thielen

Executive Director, Community Services

Linn County, Iowa

Bill Topel

Director, Human Services

Winnebago County, Wisconsin

Rochelle Westlund

Public Policy Manager

Hennepin County, Minnesota


Barry Zimmerman

Director, Human Services Agency

Ventura County, California 



NACHSA Legislative Representative  

Tom Joseph  

Waterman & Associates  

900 Second Street, NE, Suite 109  

Washington, DC 20002       

(202) 898-1446 

NACo Liaison

Eryn Hurley

Associate Legislative Director

660 North Capitol Street, NW 

Washington, DC 20001

(202) 942-4204 


220 I Street, NE

Suite 240

Washington, DC 20002



T: 202-898-1446


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