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County Welfare Directors Associaiton of California Conference Summary: The County Welfare Directors Association of California hosted its annual Conference in October, 2014.  The Conference consisted of several keynote speakers and a multitude of sessions ranging in topics from working with immigrant families, client communication, data and dashboards to health care reform and family self-sufficiency. Click here to read a full summary of the conference. 


APHSA Publishes A-87 Toolkit: OMB's A-87 Cost Allocation Exception allows public human service programs to benefit from a wide range of information technology services and components that are shared and paid for by Medicaid at a 90 percent federal match rate through the end of 2015. Click here to access their January 2014 Toolkit.


Reducing Caseworker Turnover: Nationwide, an estimated 20 to 40 percent of child welfare caseworkers leave their jobs every year while 90 percent of agencies report difficulty hiring and retaining qualified staff. One 2005 study from Milwaukee found that children entering foster care who had only one caseworker achieved permanency three quarters of the time, while those with two workers achieved permanency in fewer than a fifth of cases. Children unlucky enough to have six or seven caseworkers were almost assured to become permanent wards of the state. A City Limits article entitled Looking After the Welfare of Child Welfare Workers, describes New York City's Children's Corps, a program used to help reduce caseworker turnover.


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